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Salem High School Class of 1959 - Latest News

12-20-2014 - Health for Sandra Bak Knoedler
Hello Classmates,

"Update on Sandra Bak Knoedler"

My heart attack 0n December 3, 2014 in the early morning was a total SHOCK as I had a physical and standard blood tests one month earlier with normal range results. I had no pain anywhere, just a dull "ache" between my shoulder blades when I awoke from sleeping. I took my blood pressure. A little higher than usual. It kept going up then would go down. I took 2 aspirin and no change. Finally the pressure went up to 178/108. At this time I went to the Salem Regional Medical Center and walked into the Emergency Room, stated that maybe something is wrong. Could I be having a heart attack? Long story short-even though I did not fit any profile before-I WAS having a heart attack! My blood pressure had risen to 220/115 while in the ER. The hospital arranged to have me transferred to a Canton hospital as an emergency run via ambulance since the air transport was unavailable due to construction at the hospital.

Four hours after I arrived at the hospital at 11:00 PM, the cardiac team had to perform a procedure at 3:00 AM and inserted 2 stints in the Left Coronary Artery. Five hours later I was up and slowly walking around my room at Canton Aultman Hospital as a emergency patient. I later learned that the artery had a 99.9% blockage in that artery. (Other arteries were O.K.) however only a trickle of blood was getting through to the heart and I was lucky to be alive. No pain, no heart damage, no loss of energy - it is amazing that I am the same as before except now I have 2 stints.

I saved my life and just 6 weeks before I also saved my husband Norman's life with a blood pressure cuff device. His pressure went way too low with much pain. Mine was too high with no pain to speak of. Norman also had a nuclear stress test that showed no blockage 4 weeks before his heart attack.

The advice I give to everyone: "Get a blood pressure device for Christmas", help save yourself, be aware of changes IN your body, and get to your doctor or the hospital if you feel something is wrong with yourself. Norman and I both are doing great.

Salem Regional Medical Center really needs a Cardiac Catheter Lab so that patients, emergency or not, can have catheterizations and stints put in the body to save lives. There is no such lab in Salem, Ohio and important time is lost while the patient is being transported to another hospital for the catheterization. Could this save lives?

Norman and I will be out dancing again soon.

Merry Christmas and Happy healthy 2015 New Year.

Sandra Bak Knoedler

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