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Salem High School Class of 1959 - Latest News

08-23-2013 - August 2013 Class of '59 IR List
Do you follow sports?  If you do, you know that there is always a discussion about who's on IR, injured reserve.  At our "young" age we probably don't get too physical with sports, but we still have an IR.  Take note of the following classmates that we know are on or have been on our Class of '59 IR.  You may want to send them a note of encouragement and get well.  We're sure they will enjoy hearing from you.
We learned yesterday that Gayle Parker Coy had a pacemaker implanted that same morning.  We don't have any more details on Gayle's situation, but your friendly "get well" will surely brighten her day.
Several weeks ago Mary Lou Menichelli Hartzel had surgery on her back at the Cleveland Clinic.  After a short stay at a rehab facility, Mary Lou is now home and reportedly doing well.  We wish Mary Lou a speedy recovery.
Several weeks back we received word from John Bergman's wife Pat that he had emergency hernia surgery, but they were still hoping to make it to our picnic.  They did not come to the picnic so we hope that all is well with John and Pat, and that he has recovered successfully from his surgery 
We have posted information in the past about classmate Karen Klein Whelan and her battle with cancer.  Several weeks ago we received an e-mail from Karen that we would like to share with the class.
August 8, 2013
Hi to all with Good News!!
The most recent CT scan shows most of the nodules scattered throughout
my lungs have shrunk to a size not picket up by the scan.  Thank God.
This does not indicate that they have disappeared, but their shrinkage is
a very good sign.
Side effects are still bothersome with neuropathy, soreness in the legs
and feet, and retention of liquid in the legs being the worst.  We are taking
steps to alleviate these symptoms.  Also, my red blood count is low so
I need a blood transfusion tomorrow.  Of course still getting shots to
boost my white count too.
My thanks for your prayers and concerns.  I am in God's hands and your
prayers are working!.
Love to you all,
Karen (and Skip.too, who is my keeper)
Keep Karen and Skip in your prayers and, of course, cards, cards, cards.
I suppose I would be remiss in not mentioning my own (Henry Lieder) injury.  Back in March I slipped and fell on some ice and tore my rotator cuff.  Surgery and infection followed and I am currently in physical therapy, the surgeon says for six months.  I tell people it has ruined my golf game, but then, I don't play golf.
If you like the idea of a Class of '59 IR List, let us know.  Of course we respect your privacy and would not publish anything you do not want to share with the class.  We want to let you know about classmates who have encountered some injury or illness and would enjoy hearing from you.  You'll find postal and/or e-mail addresses on our website under "Contact Classmates."  Share your "Get Wells" with those who made need a little cheering up.

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