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Salem High School Class of 1959 - Latest News

01-09-2014 - Karen Klein Whelan Update 12-19-2013
Just putting through a quick update on Karen for you all…

Mom was having labored breathing (on-going for the past couple of weeks, but progressively worse) to the point of taking a trip to the emergency room. This labored breathing was due to additional fluid in and around her lungs. The added strain of the excess fluid caused her to have heart complications (congestive heart failure). This is being monitored and treated with medication. The medication to reduce the fluid caused adverse affects on her kidneys. The doctors are currently keeping a close eye on this.

Some of this is resulting to the chemo Mom was on. She will be changing chemo drugs but will be off chemo for at least a month. Pray for the cancer cells to remain stable while no treatment is happening.

Please pray for the doctors caring for mom at the hospital. That they would be viewing her whole body and all its systems and find the right medicine/treatment for each system strained through this latest turn of events. Pray for peace for both Mom and Dad and they process new information and the changes that need to be made and the highs and lows of test results. Pray that God would be glorified in the middle of uncertainty. Pray Mom gets the rest her body is craving to come to complete healing. Pray for the people she and Dad come into contact with that they can share Jesus in the place they are at. Mom’s release date is uncertain at this time, but looking forward to Saturday.

Please be aware that Mom and Dad are not taking calls or visitors while in the hospital to give mom all the much needed rest. Don’t take this personally – Mom just needs all the sleep she can get to heal her body. They will be back in touch again when they are released to go home. Thank you for your understanding!

On behalf of our parents,
Shauna Essman

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